Professional fine artist, Andrea Rosenfeld, with her extensive retail and wholesale experience, mentors Creatives in their business ventures and helps them to open their studio to their perfect client.

We are excited to announce that Open Studio’s website has moved to a new address!


New address, same wonderful content! You will find the same inspiring and informative, weekly articles, Complimentary Session Sign-up Form, impressive and goal oriented one-on-one sessions, our amazing Visiting Creatives, resources and ME, Andrea Rosenfeld, professional fine artist and wholesale/retail expert!
Come over to our new address and
“open your studio” with Open Studio ~ Creative Mentoring!

Me at one of my very first wholesale shows.


I’m putting together a post on Wholesale Trade Shows and am looking for input from other Creatives who have stories to share. I would like to know if the trade shows you’ve participated in helped or hindered your business, or both, and why! Did you have an issue that needed resolving? Was there traffic? Was the show you attended the right show for your product? Did you meet a person or company that furthered your business? Did you meet other amazing vendors to collaborate with? What would you do differently next time? Will there be a “next time”?

Please leave your comment below with your name, company name, the name of the Trade Show you attended and the year, also mention your product (accessories, pottery, giftware , etc…).

I will be gathering this data and adding it to an upcoming post. *Please understand that this article is being offered to assist Creatives entering the wholesale market, not to promote your business.


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